We operate a ‘pay as you go’ service. Each meeting requires payment to be made 2 working days beforehand...

...You don’t pay for everything all at once!

As from 1st January 2024 SOME of our charges will be increasing slightly.
If you have signed our Agreement to Mediate prior to this date,
all existing charges will remain in place until 1st April 2024.
After this date all clients will be charged the 2024 rates, as follows.
2024 MIAM = £99.00 pp
2024 Mediation meetings = £130.00 pp
2024 MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) = £275.00 pp



Initial consultation via telephone

Emails and telephone calls

Introduction email/letter to the other Party



Zoom Intake or MIAM (Mediation, Information & Assessment Meeting)
(In-person 20% price increase)

£    95 pp.

Joint Zoom mediation
(In-person mediation 20% price increase) 

We also offer shuttle and separate meetings. Please ask us for further details.

£ 125 pp/phr.

Consultation with children (Child Inclusive Mediation)

£    50 pp/phr.



Financial Statement and MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)... Your proposals
This price includes up to 3 drafts to accommodate any minor changes.

£ 250 pp.                   

Child Arrangements Plan (Parenting Plan)
This price includes up to 3 drafts to accommodate any minor changes.

£ 200 pp.                     

For Court form sign-off or personal (one-to-one) help to fill in disclosure forms, contact us for details.

We reserve the right to change the aforementioned prices at any time.


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